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Handmade Colorful Chakra Braclet

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Our Handmade Natural Stone Chakra Balancing wrap is such a beauty! Made from Natural Crystal Beads and Hematite!

Perfect for Balancing the 7 chakras!

  • Beautiful Array of shimmering natural stone designed to match your chakras. Each of the chakras is represented by a color - violet, indigo, light blue, green, yellow, orange and red.
  • Hematite: Known to create a protective environment - a sort of reflective shield around the person who wears them. This makes the stones an awesome choice for meditation.
  • Chakra Balancing Bracelets are designed to balance the 7 chakras, which are the energy centers of humans.
  • Unbelievable attention to detail! Handmade brown leather cord woven with brown thread.

This bracelet shows an amazingly beautiful play of colors in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and in so many undertones of these colors. If you enjoy surprisingly vibrant colors, you will not be able to take your eyes off this bracelet!

Product Details
  • Wraps around wrist 3 times
  • Lenght: 19.5" , 20.5" 21.5"
  • Adjustable to 3 sizes
  • Width: Approx. 1/2'
  • Closure: 3 adjustable w/ 1 sterling silver button
  • Material: Hematite and Zinc Alloy
  • Beads: Natural Crystal